Anne Dollin



Anne and Les Dollin are specialists in Australian native bees and co-founders of the Australian Native Bee Research Centre.

Anne Dollin and her husband, Les Dollin, have been studying Australian native bees since 1979. They are the co-founders of the Australian Native Bee Research Centre, which hosts the Aussie Bee website.

Les and Anne Dollin have spent many years researching the Australian species of stingless bees in the genera Trigona and Austroplebeia. They have traveled to remote parts of Cape York, Arnhem Land, the Kimberleys and Central Australia in search of little known stingless bee species described in the 1800s and early 1900s. This work resulted in the publication of a major scientific paper in 1997 describing the Trigona species.[1] However, the Austroplebeia species proved to be much more difficult to identify. Les and Anne are currently doing a DNA study on the Austroplebeia with Megan Halcroft of the University of Western Sydney which will help them finally sort out this complex group of species.

The Dollins have also worked to promote the use of Australian native bees species for agricultural purposes. Their research and publications have supported the development of the infant stingless bee industry in Australia for honey production and crop pollination. They also contributed to research at the University of Western Sydney on the use of blue banded bees for greenhouse tomato pollination.

The Australian Native Bee Research Centre has published a field guide, Native Bees of the Sydney Region, and a series of information booklets on keeping Australian stingless bees.

Anne and Les Dollin published Aussie Bee Bulletin for five years, a printed magazine covering many Australian native bee species, research results on native bees, and beekeeping methods. Back issues of this informative magazine are still available.

Other articles on native bees are regularly added to Aussie Bee Online, a free information resource on native bees on the Aussie Bee website.

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Anne Dollin has a PhD from the University of Sydney and worked for many years for the CSIRO.


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